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Dave Weckl

30 years with Yamaha and the new Live Custom kit.

The word “virtuoso” gets thrown around a lot, but when talking about Dave Weckl, it’s the only word that accurately describes the percussionist’s impeccable level of skill behind the kit. With more than 40 years of playing under his belt, and having sat in with such legends as Paul Simon, George Benson, Diana Ross and Robert Plant, Weckl is a true master of his cra — an artist who has spent a lifetime studying and perfecting his chops, and leading by example, passing his skills, techniques and advice on to the next generation of aspiring drummers.

“I always say, ‘I didn’t choose the drums. Drums chose me,’ you know?” says Weckl, casually spending the a ernoon at Guitar Center Hollywood, laying down some intricate, nuanced jazz and fusion with the kind of remarkable ease that only comes with such experience as his own. “From a very early age there was just a passion, and an attraction, and it’s basically an obsession with wanting to get better, to be like the people I saw playing the instrument like I envisioned and wanted to play it.”


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