The Ibanez Guitars of Head, Fieldy & Munky.

Thirty seconds into listening to the new track, “Prey for Me,”
one thing is certain: Korn is back. For the first time in nearly a
decade, Brian “Head” Welch has reunited with fellow guitarist
James “Munky” Shaffer and bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu
to deliver that monstrous, dual-seven-string wall of guitars
and cutting, percussive bass that fans first fell in love with
almost 20 years ago—and release the band’s 11th studio
album, The Paradigm Shift.

The Korn sound is unmistakable—a unique blend of gorgeous consonance and hostile dissonance, spawned by the incredible relationship between Munky, Fieldy and Head. “We all got our strong points, you know? That’s what happens when we get together—it just clicks,” says Head, relaxing in the green room as the trio await their Guitar Center Sessions sound check at Guitar Center Hollywood. “[Munky] comes up with the weird stuff that I wouldn’t be able to— like, the Korn stuff, you know?” Munky jokes, “[Head]’s really great at writing choruses, and I’m really bad at it. I mean, it’s so much easier with him though, because he thinks of [the] more melodic side of things, and I think more of a rhythmic thing. And it’s kinda hard to split my brain … I have melodies within my rhythms, but he’s really good at pulling those and accentuating them.” Fieldy adds, “I feel like when Head was gone, that I was trying to write riffs all the time with [Munky]. I felt like I was trying to do more than my role. Now, I can just be me and do my annoying, clicky noise in the background—which I’m comfortable doing. I like playing my role.”


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